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Shahid Kapoor and Misha prove they are the best father-daughter goals

Shahid Kapoor and Misha are absolute father-daughter goals

Since the birth of his daughter, Shahid Kapoor hasn’t stopped being a protective father. Shahid in one of his interviews said he learned a lot like changing diapers, bathing a baby, and dressing his little doll. This munchkin bought a ton of happiness for the Kapoor family.

Her name Misha is a ship-name of Mira and Shahid. In many of her pictures and videos, she is seen painting or drawing. Well, daddy Shahid takes care of all of her hobbies. He takes her to the drawing class and joins her too.

Not only that, Shahid takes Misha to many of her playdates with her friends. We have seen him post a lot of pictures with Misha on his Instagram handle. In many pictures, he is seen adorning her while she is busy playing or something else. Shahid and Misha are the most adorable father-daughter duo. He is seen taking her for a walk or shopping for her.

While Misha fears the paparazzi, he is always protecting her from them. She looks too cute in traditional attire and Shahid loves her that way too.

Misha has an Instagram account with around 30k followers. The pics on her account are managed by her mother. Recently, she was spotted twinning with her daddy Shahid in one of the Instagram pics. His vacation pictures include many selfies with his bundle of joy, Misha.

She is loved by all in the family. Her grandparents Pankaj and Neelima are also spotted spending time with her. She is the heart of the family. Shahid and Mira were recently blessed with a baby boy Zain and we can’t wait to see Shahid spend time with him.

Misha and Shahid are way too adorable and Shahid is a very caring father.

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