Sonam Kapoor looks sassy in sunglasses

Sonam Kapoor’s Spunky Collection of Sunglasses

Sonam has amazed and stunned us with her fashion styles and acting skills. In Bollywood, she is known for her fashion. Sonam looks beautiful and her personality makes her look more prettier. Her fashion is elegant, stylish, eccentric and highly experimental. She is India’s most stylish diva. She keeps on experimenting with new fashion styles and her unique fashion designs make us go gaga over her. Sonam also has a good collection of sunglasses, which she wore to look more gorgeous. Every Bollywood actress or actor wears sunglasses on their outfit to look more better and attractive.

Sonam knows very well how to pull off glasses like a style icon. For Sonam, sunglasses is necessary and she has various sunglasses, which gives her a killer look. She has amazing facial features and so does any pattern or style of sunglasses suits her and as we know Sonam loves to experiment, she keeps on trying new designs and looks fabulous. We have seen her wearing square sunglasses to round sunglasses. Most of the time Sonam prefers to wear sunglasses at the time of travelling. She looks sassy in sunglasses and kills the look.

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