Hot and sexy actress Malaika Arora

Want A Toned Body Like Malaika Arora? Check out her fitness secrets

The hot and super sexy actress Malaika Arora has a well-toned body and maintains her body by doing workout sessions and diet plans. Malaika has a great fashion sense and she looks stunning both on screen and off screen. This superfit sexy hot actress is 45 years old and has a very well-toned body, which makes her look like she is in her 20s. It is difficult for one to maintain their body in a perfect shape but the dedication towards your body makes you successful in achieving the goal. Malaika once said in an interview that your body is a temple and you should respect it. She also said however busy your life is, you should spend some time on your body fitness.

Malaika believes having healthy food will keep her healthy instead of dieting for a long time. She also believes in the quote, Gorgeous: Eat well, Look Great! Malaika prefers having homemade food and avoids food that is high calorie. Malaika has also shared her diet plan and workout fitness sessions with her fans. She is a real motivation for her fans with her sexy bomb figure.

The ravishing actress is strict about her workout sessions and doesn’t miss any of her sessions. In spite of being busy, she tries to make time for her workout sessions. Her dedication level is on top and so she has a great well-toned body.

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