Jawan OTT Release: Fans lavish Deepika Padukone’s extended cameo with praises!

Fans hail Deepika Padukone as the ‘soul’ of Jawan as the ‘Extended Cut’ for Jawan drops on OTT!

Deepika Padukone’s exceptional talent and stellar performances over the years have garnered her millions of accolades and love from the audiences. Being the only actress to deliver two major blockbusters in one year with Jawan and Pathaan, Deepika proves the fact her presence on screen can elevate a film’s status.

With the recent release of “Jawan – Extended Cut” on an OTT platform, fans have taken to their social media accounts to shower praise on Deepika Padukone’s portrayal of Aishwarya Rathore! Her powerful performance as an emotional, independent, and strong woman has truly captured the hearts of many, and for good reason.

Among many comments, few read, “
No overblown dialogues, no over the top sets just her white sari and her eyes.. Ahh Deepika Padukone the actor that you are 😩 [#jawan]”, “deepika padukone as the luminous aishwarya in jawan 💞”, some even hailed DP as the soul
of Jawan that translates to ‘Jaan of Jawan!

Apart from Deepika’s individual stellar performance, her sizzling chemistry with SRK is also getting praises from audiences alike! Be it their first film, Om Shanti Om to now Jawan, their chemistry is one to never disappoint! It’s absolutely magic, and these films stand as a testimony to it!

16 years into the industry, this is
undoubtedly Deepika Padukone’s biggest year and it is sure that her upcoming projects are going to be bigger and bigger! Looking at her line up ahead, she has exciting treats for her fans, right from ‘Fighter’ ,’ Kalki 2898 AD’ to ‘Singham Again’!