As we celebrate the 11th anniversary of ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, it’s impossible not to reflect on the force that Deepika Padukone’s character, Naina Talwar. Naina, a studious and reserved girl-next-door, captured the hearts of audiences nationwide with her relatable journey and inspiring persona. Deepika’s portrayal of Naina remains one of her most memorable and relatable roles to date, resonating with countless women & men, alike.

Naina Talwar is introduced as a quintessential topper, buried in books and chained to her academic pursuits. Yet, there’s a longing in her eyes to experience life beyond the confines of her comfort zone. This yearning to explore, to break free, and to discover herself is what makes Naina incredibly inspiring. Many of us saw a reflection of their own dreams and inhibitions in Naina, making her journey a personal inspiration.

Such was the craze the character inspired, that the glasses Superstar Deepika Padukone sported in the film too created a rage, apart from the other looks she donned in the film that went on to cross 188 crores at the box office.

In fact, Deepika had earlier mentioned that Naina Talwar’s portrayal came almost naturally to her – She said, “I had a lot of fun playing Naina. I saw a lot of her in me, and a lot of me in her. Naina’s evolution in the film is, in some ways, like my own.”

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani director Ayan Mukerji too earlier shared, “The stars were shinning on me when Deepika agreed to do the film because of all the people, her contribution and commitment was the deepest.”

Beyond her relatable traits, Naina’s charm lies in her authenticity. Deepika infused Naina with a warmth and sincerity that made audiences root for her at every step. Eleven years on, Naina Talwar continues to be a character that resonates deeply, embodying the aspirations, struggles, and triumphs of countless women who strive to balance their inner dreams with the world’s expectations leading to self-discovery and empowerment.