In Bollywood, where dreams often become realities, there are moments that capture the essence of fun, friendship, and love for good food. Recently, one such delightful moment was witnessed in Farah Khan’s popular vlog, where Manisha Rani expressed a heart-warming wish that has left fans smiling.

In a jovial segment of Farah’s vlog, the renowned filmmaker-writer paid a visit to Manisha Rani’s house. The atmosphere was charged with laughter, chatter, and the aroma of delicious pakodas frying in the kitchen. As the conversation veered through various topics, it eventually settled on the subject of cooking and feeding favorite celebrities.

Farah posed a hypothetical question to Manisha Rani: If she could cook pakodas for any celebrity and feed them, who would it be? Without hesitation, Manisha’s response was as candid as it was endearing – “Kartik Aaryan”!

Manisha’s voice and childlike enthusiasm reflected her genuine admiration for the Shehzada of Bollywood. With a twinkle in her eye, she expressed her fondness for Kartik and her desire to share a homemade delicacy with him. “Kartik is my favorite,” she confessed, “and I would love to cook pakodas for him!” Taking the fun banter ahead, when Farah asked Manisha about which food Kartik can be, she was quick to revert, “rasmalai”! Manisha’s affectionate gesture towards Kartik reflects the universal appeal of the actor.