In a remarkable turn of events, the popular movie Fighter has successfully transitioned from the cinemas to the streaming platform Netflix, captivating audiences worldwide. The remarkable performance of the renowned actress Deepika Padukone lies at the heart of this success, as she has brought her character to life with a new persona, leaving fans in awe. As viewers immerse themselves in the world of Fighter on Netflix, they can’t help but shower praise on Padukone’s impeccable acting skills and mesmerizing presence, flooding social media platforms with accolades for her stellar performance and stunning looks throughout the movie.

The cinematic spectacle of the movie “Fighter” was further enhanced by the electrifying chemistry between Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan, marking their first collaboration on screen. Their on-screen pairing has set the screens ablaze with their sizzling charisma, igniting a frenzy of admiration from fans all over the world. As audiences delve into the enthralling narrative of the movie, it’s not just the action-packed sequences that leave them spellbound, but also the undeniable chemistry between Padukone and Roshan that elevates the movie to unforgettable heights of cinematic excellence.

Fans took to their social media & wrote,

“The highlight of #FighterOnNetflix is #DeepikaPadukone. There’s no character she can’t play with such grace, ease and art. She brings the aura of a superstar on screen each time. Watched Fighter the third time for her ONLY”

“no thoughts just deepika padukone in fighter 🥵”

“For me a great actor is someone who could tell a story. Giving the right emotions, nuances and intensity. That can make you feel every fiber of the character and the story & that’s Deepika Padukone in fighter for y’all.”

“Deepika Padukone has been my favorite Indian actress right from chenai express and Happy new year days. This Fighter movie is a sharp 9/10. Absolutely love it🤭🤭🙈”

“Deepika Padukone fine sha #FighterOnNetflix”

“#DeepikaPadukone Stills From Fighter.. Cutie pie 💙”

“’Hey what’s on your mind?’

My mind : Deepika’s entry in Fighter”



This just goes on to say, that Deepika Padukone is a name to reckon with! Truly the pride of India!