People have left some impressive comments and reactions on Twitter and can’t get over this track. The track is visually appealing and the complete physical metamorphosis of Kartik Aaryan is what is unbelievable and worth appreciating.

A fan said “The official Gym Anthem of this year !!! 🏋️‍♀️🔥
#KartikAaryan @TheAaryanKartik
#ChanduChampion on 14 June 🖤”

A die hard fan of Kartik shared “From The INSANE physical TRANSFORMATION to learning Dangal,Boxing,Swimming so finely to make the role of Murlikant Petkar top notch,@TheAaryanKartik you are indeed a CHAMPION ❤️‍🔥
#KartikAaryan #TuHaiChampion #ChanduChampion”

A fan quipped “What a song!! Gives you complete victory thrills 😍😍😍 @TheAaryanKartik your work is jaw dropping amazing 💪 what a champ
#KartikAaryan #ChanduChampion”

Another fan said “Hard Work… Dedication.. Bow Down to #KartikAaryan for #ChanduChampion 💥🔥 !!

An admirer said “Through It Will not Collect & Might fold up Under Half Century nett as a lifetime . Wish I will be Proven Wrong @TheAaryanKartik @NGEMovies”

A fan quipped “indeed an anthem, that will inspire you, motivate you and give you the courage to challenge your guts and tell your own self, #TuHaiChampion 👊🏻”

The track showcases a never seen avatar of Kartik Aaryan. The intense clap push ups, speed boxing are what gives us major gym goals. Kartik looks extremely fit and the stunning fact about this track is that to nail this look Kartik had undergone an intense training and his fat percentage has been reduced from 39% to a mere 7%. Not only this track the first track of the movie Satyanaas has turned out to be a chartbuster.

The Champion song is the new motivational anthem and it’s time to lose some kgs in the gym playing this song and well the video is also captivating and netizens are already bowled out.

Based on the story a Paralympic athlete Chandu Champion is a sports drama that will hit theatres near you on 14th June 2024.