In an alternate universe, Om-Shanti finally gets their happy ending, and a clip of SRK and Deepika's edited version of 'Faraatta' has gone viral!

Om-Shanti get their happy ending in alternate universe: SRK-Deepika’s edited ‘Faraatta’ clip goes viral!

A fan-made video paying tribute to Bollywood’s dynamic and iconic duo, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, has gone viral on the internet. The video features the two stars dancing to the peppy tunes of ‘Faraatta,’ a song from SRK’s recent hit film ‘Jawan.’ The fan edit portrays how Om and Shanti would look 16 years later had they had a happy ending in their first film together, ‘Om Shanti Om.’

The fan-made video flawlessly blends the lively beats of ‘Faraatta’ with the enchanting melodies of ‘Haan tu hai.’ The clip showcases SRK and Deepika’s captivating on-screen chemistry.

Fans are still imagining what Om and Shanti, their beloved characters from ‘Om Shanti Om,’ would look like if they were reunited in an alternate universe. Shah Rukh Khan’s familiar mustache, reminiscent of the film, adds an extra layer of nostalgia to the video, and the duo’s magical chemistry lives on 16 years later.

Millions of views have been racked up by the full video song ‘Faraatta,’ a fan-made tribute to Bollywood’s iconic superstar duo, serving as a timeless reminder of their charm and allure.