The nepotism debate has been going big in Bollywood. And every actor from the industry has always given his or her two cents on this sensitive issue. Recently we heard Alia Bhatt taking this topic way too ahead by giving her strong comments on it. A report on talked about it and we take reference from that story for our write up.

Asked how she deals with the nepotism debate and trolling that comes her way, Alia told Mid Day, “There are two ways of dealing with it. One is controlled and I can prove my worth in my space. I believed the only way I could shut the conversation down is through my movies. So, don’t respond, don’t feel bad. Of course, I felt bad. But feeling bad is a small price to pay for the work that you are respected and loved for. I shut up, went home and did my work. I delivered a film like Gangubai Kathiawadi. ”

She added, “So, who’s having the last laugh? At least until I deliver my next flop? For now, I am laughing! At the end of the day, use that to fuel your work. I can’t keep defending myself verbally. And if you don’t like me, don’t watch me. I can’t help it. That’s something I can’t do (anything about]. People have something to say. Hopefully, I will prove to them with my movies that I am actually worth the space I occupy. How can I control where I am born? How can I control what my parents were doing? You want me to feel embarrassed for the hard work my father did. It comes easier to me, yes, but I am also working hard for the work that I got.” Alia also said that if her child would want to pursue acting, she would tell them that they need to work hard, and things won’t be easy.

What is your personal take on nepotism?