Check the latest updates from Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara, and Megan Fox's social media pages

Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara and Megan Fox set internet on fire with sizzling photos, fans love it

When it comes to looking for the ideal ‘bikini babe’ while simultaneously flaunting their hot summer body, we can instantly think of only three names from Hollywood. They are none other than Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara, and Megan Fox. All three of them are gorgeousness and hotness personified and they certainly know how to raise the oomph quotient with their enigmatic and hot presence.

These ladies are the quintessential examples of ‘photoshoot queens’ and their naturally hot expressions certainly make them a photographer’s delight. From rocking in different kinds of outdoor and indoor shoot concepts to killing it even with something as challenging as the underwater shoot, there’s literally nothing which they can’t do.

When it comes to styling, fashion, and clothing collection they all stand out from each other and hold super unique and fancy dressing senses. Recently, Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara, and Megan Fox took to Instagram and dropped sizzling photos on their social media pages. Kate is seen in a hot red gown, Sofia showcased her chic look with glares and Megan dropped a hot look in a silver bikini. Check now!