B-town actors have the glam and spotlight on them at all times and one would think that being a celebrity is fun and easy, but it is not the case!

These actors are constantly followed by the paparazzi, because of which they take extra care to stay fit and look their best at all times. And even if it wasn’t for the paparazzi, the hectic shooting schedules demand a well-toned body and fitness regime that keeps the actors agile and active.

Shahid Kapoor is one of the few actors who has always been a fitness buff and likes to eat right, sleep right and keep his routine in check every now and then. His rugged and ripped body gives us some major fitness goals, well, once all his female fans stop drooling over him, of course!

His commitment towards his work is what makes him exceptional. He has always been known to exhibit his well-toned and muscular body in black shorts on his Instagram profile. His Instagram profile alone is setting some major fitness goals for this generation. Shahid has inspired millions with his aesthetic physique and continues to inspire many youngsters with his dedication.

Today, he shared his childhood picture where he looked like his son Zain Kapoor.

Below is the picture, have a look and do let us know if you think both father and son look the same.

View Instagram Post 1: Like Father Like Son: Shahid and Zain Kapoor's cute picture