Pankaj Tripathi and Mridula Tripathi’s love story has become the country’s muse as of now. Drilling with some amazing instances and incidents, their relationship has declared a national inspiration for all lovers and partners in the country.

Talking of that, here’s what Pankaj Tripathi said once when asked about his life struggle by “The Better India”, “If you ask me about my struggle, I don’t have any sad details like sleeping on a footpath or starving for days. That’s because my wife, Mridula, had taken over the entire responsibility of the house. In fact, I tell everyone that she is the man of the house,”

Mridula said recalling her first meet with Pankaj Tripathi saying, “It was my elder brother’s Tilak (engagement ceremony). I was on my way to a tiny room on the terrace to get dressed when this boy with hazel eyes, brown hair and a beard crossed me. Those eyes would go on to follow me during the entire function,” she added, “I would leave for school in the morning and could meet him only after dinner. That was our time. We would sit and talk, sometimes till early morning. We both loved reading and had so much to talk about the books, novels, characters, stories, and the writers,”

However, their love story isn’t just about these minute conversations. However, what do you think of their love story? Let us know in the comments-