Who is your favorite Rohit Shetty's action hero?

Ranveer Singh VS Ajay Devgn: Who’s Your Favourite Rohit Shetty’s Action Hero?

Rohit Shetty’s most of the films are action types, and they are all filled with entertainment and action. He always stunned us with fighting, and he also likes to do adventure things by lifting up cars and playing with them. As you all know, he is the most famous director in Bollywood.

Ranveer Singh has worked in Rohit Shetty’s action film Simmba. Millions of people truly loved him for his role in that movie. He also showed us some action skills and was fabulous. Ranveer has also started in the Bollywood upcoming Rohit Shetty film Sooryavanshi. Ranveer will be seen playing the role of Simmba here.

Ajay Devgn has played several roles in Rohit Shetty’s films. Ajay is the most loved action hero, and he is most loved for his movie Singham series. Till now, Rohit has directed Ajay in ten films. Ajay is also famous for his role in his movie Golmaal series. Ajay will be seen in Rohit’s upcoming film Sooryavanshi, and he will be seen as Singham.

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Who is your favorite Rohit Shetty’s action hero Ranveer Singh Or Ajay Devgn? Do let us know and stay tuned to IWMbuzz.com.

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