Alia Bhatt back in an interview in 2014, revealed that there isn’t any fakeness in her relationship with Pooja Bhatt. Scroll beneath to read what the actresses said about their bond as sisters

“Recently it’s become much better,” Alia Bhatt on her relationship with sister Pooja 812175

Alia Bhatt, renowned Bollywood actress and daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, shares a warm bond with her stepsister, Pooja Bhatt, despite the common assumption that step-sibling relationships are often strained. In a candid interview back in 2014, Alia spoke sincerely about her connection with Pooja, highlighting the absence of any pretence or artificiality in their relationship. Their genuine camaraderie defies expectations and serves as a testament to the strong bond they have formed as stepsiblings.

Read below to know what the actresses had to say about their family bonds and relationships.

Alia Bhatt on her relationship with Pooja Bhatt

Back in 2014, in an interview, Alia Bhatt spoke about her relationship with Pooja Bhatt. She asserted that their relationship has got no fakeness. She added, “Actually recently it’s become much better. We have gotten close as a family. People would always say that you have a step sister, step mother and all that but it never bothered me,”

She continued, “Because our family is so real and honest with each other. There is no façade or fakeness. So when we spend time with each other, we genuinely like to spend time with each other.” As quoted by The Indian Express.

Alia-Pooja on Mahesh Bhatt’s relationship

Talking about it, Alia told to Asian Age, “My father met my mother because he had an extramarital affair. I am not as black and white about life; sometimes in life, things happen for a reason. Of course, you would not want to propagate infidelity and I don’t propagate it, but I understand the nature of human — it’s not always that easy and it is something that’s prevalent.”

Pooja told to India Today, that Mahesh and Kiran Bhatt’s relationship was long dead, before Mahesh got involved with Soni Razdan. She said, “I grew up with a father who supposedly went on to marry somebody else and have another family. I do not feel that way. In fact, I was very moved one day. Soni and I were on a recce to Conoor and she was sitting outside and she said, ‘Pooja I want to tell you I felt so guilty’ and I said, ‘Soni why do you need to feel guilty? You never broke any marriage up.’ That marriage was long dead.”

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