Workout routine and diet plan of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

Revealed! Sunny Leone’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Bollywood actors prefer to stay fit and healthy and have maintained themselves in a toned body. They work hard and follow their workout sessions and diet plans strictly to stay in a toned figure. Sunny Leone is a prominent actress in Bollywood. She has a sexy figure and flaunts it elegantly. The hot and sexy actress just makes us go gaga over her for her killer looks.

Sunny Leone does workout and follows a diet regularly. The workout routine of the actress is she does warm-up before starting and then she does arm stretch, quadriceps stretch, shoulder rotation, hip rotation. She also does arm rotation, push-ups, triceps arm push ups. She does squats, front and sidekicks, high knees for her lower body. She is also seen doing cardio. For her diet, the first thing she does is she drinks coconut water in the morning. Or sometimes she prefers to drink like warm water with a whole lemon in it. Sunny once told in an interview that it’s challenging for her to maintain a toned body as she is a Punjabi and the food tempts her a lot. Sunny has also shared some diet and fitness tips. She keeps on trying different diets such as juice diet, raw food diet, and she intakes little amount of food. She does not cheat any day, but whenever she craves for any food, she has it. The actress loves eating vegan food.

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