Find out how does Sunny Leone spend her money

How Sunny Leone Spends Her Money? REVEALED

Sunny Leone is one of the prettiest faces that we have in the Hindi entertainment industry at the moment. Ever since Sunny started working in the adult entertainment industry, things were going smooth for her back there in USA. However, it was only after her successful stint in Bigg Boss did she become excessively popular in India and no brownie points for guessing, movie offers started coming her way in huge numbers.

Today, Sunny Leone is someone who earns money in millions. But how does she actually spend it and manage her finances? Well today, we reveal it all to you.

As per reports in livemint, Sunny Leone was once quoted as saying,

“When I became an adult, I realised that (adult content) was a business. But more than that, I wanted to own a website and run my own company.” She used to handle everything. “If I have to be in this industry, I want to make all the money—every dollar. After all, it is my body, my image and my brand.”

She further added,

“I plan to create products for women such as nail polish, skin care, lipsticks…. I’m not sure about clothing right now but it is something we keep talking about,” says Leone. “We have invested a lot of time and money in it. I personally would like to invest more money in merchandising and branding because it is something that can continue forever.”

Well, that’s quite an interesting idea to go ahead with when it comes to spending or rather investing your money. Right readers? Do you agree with Sunny’s line of thought?

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