Check out these 3 Times Tom Cruise, Hollywood's ultimate daredevil, almost lost his life.

Times When Tom Cruise Was On Edge Of Death

When it comes to pulling off his own stunts for movies, Tom Cruise is without a doubt Hollywood’s greatest daredevil.

The 59-year-old actor Tom Cruise risks his life to ensure that viewers see the most realistic action-packed scenes imaginable, whether he is free-climbing the treacherous cliffs off Utah, leaping from one skyscraper to another, or hanging off a passenger jet in midair.

Tom Cruise’s death-defying stunts for movies have almost cost him his life countless times. However, doing that for a period of four decades is really a highly perilous job.

Top Gun

Top Gun was one of Tom Cruise’s most well-known movies, and fans of all ages adored his portrayal as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a daring US Navy jet pilot.

Surprisingly, though, the hugely successful movie almost took Tom Cruise’s life.

The actor is seen carrying up the body of the slain co-pilot while wearing a parachute in the middle of the ocean in the scene where his on-screen best buddy and comrade Goose loses his life.

Later, it was discovered that Tom Cruise nearly fell into the ocean after his own parachute began to fill with water.

Barry Tub, who portrayed the part of the Wolfman in the movie, said: “Tom Cruise was the closest to passing away of anyone I’ve ever seen on a set. Fortunately, one of the frogmen in the helicopter noticed his chute expanding. He dove in and let Tom Cruise go just as he went under. They never would have located him. He would have been submerged in the water.”

The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise had to engage in combat with co-star Hiroyuki Sanada while mounted on mechanical horses during the filming of 2003’s The Last Samurai.

One of the horses was intended to stop before Sanada swung a real samurai sword at Cruise in one of the takes.

The cast and crew feared that Tom Cruise would have his head chopped off when the horse failed to stop.

Fortunately for the actor, Sanada managed to successfully draw his sword just in time despite the significant difficulty, ensuring that Tom Cruise could return for additional Mission Impossible movies!

Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise nearly broke every bone in his body during the filming of Mission Impossible: Fallout, In the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible series, he estimated a jump incorrectly.

Ethan Hunt, the actor’s character in the movie, is seen trying to jump from one building to another, but, cruelly for the actor, he comes up just short and hits the side of a building.

Even while Cruise managed to walk it off, it was later discovered that he actually broke his foot and might have even destroyed his entire body.

Nevertheless, after being away from the set for nine weeks and realizing what superhuman Tom truly is, he went back and finished the movie.

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