We are blessed to have Shahid Kapoor, one of the most well-known and well-liked characters in the Hindi entertainment industry. The man has captured everyone’s heart since his film debut, and we admire him.

His confidence and charm are unsurpassed, and it’s no wonder that anytime he posts gorgeous images and videos to his social media page to garner followers, the internet enjoys it in the truest sense of the word. Others are impressed by his self-assurance, and all his social media posts go viral.

After a three-year break, Shahid Kapoor returned to the big screen with Jersey, a remake of the Telugu film of the same name about a former cricketer attempting to make a comeback in his late 30s. But unfortunately, he suffered a forehead injury while filming a cricket scene requiring 13 stitches.

Shahid Kapoor has a large fan base due to his versatility as an actor, talent as a dancer, and appealing physical features. Over his career, he has gone through many ups and downs. His performance, however, is the most anticipated during award ceremonies. He made an appearance in a movie theatre and met with his supporters; scroll down to view a video of his arrival.

Shahid Kapoor’s Video Appearance

View Instagram Post 1: Watch: Shahid Kapoor's Surprise Entry Into Cinema Hall Screening Jab We Met

On Valentine’s Day, a replay of Shahid Kapoor’s film Jab We Met will be shown in theatres. Shahid Kapoor appears wearing a white and blue duo-coloured casual shirt with black jeans in the video. He messily styled his hair. He only wears a silver neck chain as an accessory. He runs across some of his film’s admirers. All the supporters in the video applaud, snap, and take a video of Shahid Kapoor. And he also revealed his reaction to the supporters, which he is pleased with.

Following that, he goes around to every fan, greeting and interacting with a gorgeous smile. At the previous performances, a mauja hi mauja song was seen on the theatre screen, and people danced to it. So Shahid Kapoor captioned his post, “Jab We Met 16 years later.”

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