Arbaaz Khan mentioned that while separated couples have issues, he and Malaika Arora are way past that phase

We have forgotten the past...She has moved on, I have moved on: Arbaaz Khan on sharing good equation with Malaika Arora post separation 787149

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora are renowned names in the Bollywood industry. They were once considered a power couple but soon in 2017, they parted ways after being married for 18 years. The two never disclosed the reason for their separation and always spoke highly of each other after their divorce. Currently, they are co-parenting their son Arhaan Khan together.

As per reports in Koi Moi, during a recent interview with ETimes, Arbaaz was quoted saying, “For the sake of your child at least, you can come together and create a scenario that is much needed. He is our child. We brought him into this world. It is our responsibility to take care of him.”

Arbaaz also mentioned that while separated couples have issues, he and Malaika are way past that phase. He added, “We have forgotten the past and realized that our entire life lies ahead. She has moved on, I have moved on. Where is the animosity or anger or frustration or anything like that? That’s gone.”

He further added, “People are really naive if they think that Malaika and I have separated and we will only look out for ourselves. If parents who are separated, stop talking to each other it might end up causing trauma to the child, maybe to some extent.” He added that his family does not have this equation and added, “Arhaan has accepted that his father has moved on, and his mother has moved on. He is doing fine, too.”

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