Check out the list of some Justin Bieber songs which you must hear on Spotify

10 Justin Bieber Songs You Need to Hear on Spotify

Justin Bieber’s success tale is truly inspiring. He was discovered by pop sensation Usher for the first time in 2008 and it was he who realized and said for the first time with regards to Justin that ‘A star is born in the world of music’. Ever since then, Justin has come a long way forward in his career delivering some quality singles and albums over the years.

Not just his professional life, his personal life too is what interests many. From dating Selena Gomez in the initial years of his career to now eventually getting married to Hailey Rhode Bieber, he seems quite sorted in his personal life as well. As time passed, Justin kept improving himself as a human being, and along with he himself, what improved alongside him was his music. So today, we are here to present to you all 10 of Justin Bieber’s best songs which you must hear on Spotify now. Check out the list below –




I don’t care

Love Yourself


10,000 hours

What do you mean?

Never say Never

As long as you love me

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