Listen to these romantic songs by Selena Gomez!

10 Selena Gomez’s Romantic Songs That Give Us The Feels

Do you want to get your mood set in a romantic atmosphere? Well, then Selena Gomez’s love songs are perfect for you. The singer has got a series of love songs that are going to melt your heart. You don’t believe it right? Then listen to them up!

  1. Kill Em With Kindness (2015)
  2. The Heart Wants What It Wants (2014)
  3. Lose You To Love Me (2019)
  4. Same Old Love (2015)
  5. Boyfriend (2020)
  6. Feel Me (2019)
  7. Come & Get It (2013)
  8. Fetish (2017)
  9. Good For You (2018)
  10. Back To You (2018)