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These 3 Emotional Moments When Selena Gomez Cried, You Need To See

3 Emotional Moments When Selena Gomez Cried

Selena Gomez is one of the top most artists from the Hollywood Music Industry. She is also a former Disney star, and now is a successful singer, businesswoman. Selena has set many World Guinness Records. She was the first person ever to cross 100 Million followers on Instagram. Selena has always received much love and support from her fans.

Every celebrity has at least one time of their career, where they can’t resist their emotions and they just burst out. Just like the happy times, Selena was seen to be in tears during interviews and sessions. Though she has been quite successful in her career, there were some moments when her emotions took over her and she cried.

Below are 3 emotional moments when Selena Gomez cried:-

1. During her interview with Spotify when her new album was to be out, she made an emotional confession about how it took her a couple of years for her to come together after drastic changes in her life. We all know about her break up with Justin Bieber. She even told her feelings through her album “Lose You To Love Me” and how the break up was devastating and how she picked herself up in “Look At Her Now”.

2. Selena cried during her Billboard Woman of the Year Speech, when she won the award and said that her friend Francia should be given the award as she saved her life. Selena underwent a full kidney transplant surgery and she is thankful to her friend who saved her life.

3. Selena opened up about the two albums after her break up with Justin Bieber and stated them as one of the coolest experiences. After they played the song she remembered her mother and said “It’s gonna make me cry”.

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