Here are the top 5 fashion trends directly from beauty, Selena Gomez’s wardrobe!

5 Fashion Trends That We’ve Spotted In Selena Gomez’s Wardrobe

Selena Marie Gomez, the American pop sensation has ruled the music industry over the past decade. Her songs like Come & Get It (2013), Kill Em With Kindness (2015), Lose You To Myself (2019), and many more, have been the biggest hits of the year. Recently, she has dropped a very new album, Rare (2020), with some amazing singles like Boyfriend (2020), Souvenir (2020), and Look At Her Now (2020). The singer has won several hearts with her melodious voice. But, apart from being a successful singer, she has also been a fashion inspiration for many. Her way of styling is admired by many.

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Selena has been seen experimenting with her fashion and style. She has influenced many with her unique style. Be it a casual style or a party style, she has brought up new trends. Selena is no doubt a fashion icon of the Hollywood music industry. Her fashion and style games are really high. Here are the top five fashion trends that Selena has brought up in the industry.

1.      Selena has been seen in all-black attire a lot of times. She looks so hot in that style.

2.      Shrugs have always been the best pickup to complement it with her look.

3.   A black crop top with a long skirt is always a good choice for a casual look.

4.      Selena looks so pretty in the simple polka dot dress for a casual look.

5.      Ripped jeans with a shirt or a top are just a perfect combination for street style.

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