If you are looking for some great tracks for your first dance, then these songs by Jennifer Lopez are just perfect.

5 Jennifer Lopez’s Songs That Are Great For Your First Dance

Jennifer Lopez, the multi-talented Hollywood star has all the qualities, that one can ever have. She is considered as one of the best music selling artist of Hollywood. She has never let her fans down with her outstanding performances. She has received a lot of love and support from them, all over the world. Jennifer’s songs are empowering, energetic, and motivating.

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Ever since she dropped her very first album, On the 6 (1999), she got a very good response. One can easily listen to them on loop. She has received a lot of prestigious awards to date and inspired many. One can easily start grooving on them.

We have got a list for you that you can dance on. Not everyone is a great dancer. Thus, if it is the first dance, then dance freely on these tracks by Jennifer Lopez. Here are the great songs by her. All you need to do is dance carefree and rock the stage. Listen to them up and add them to your dance playlist today!

1. On The Floor ft. Pitbull (2011)

2.  Jenny From The Block (2002)

3. Ain’t Your Mama (2016)

4. Let’s Get Loud (1999)

5. Una Noche Mas (1999)

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