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Here are a few iconic songs of Justin Bieber that have become a rage in the quarantine period…

These 9 Justin Bieber Songs Are Trending In Quarantine!

Ever since Justin Bieber made his way into the spotlight over a decade ago, he hasn’t left. He’s been one of the top-selling artists since he emerged on the scene and has amassed a legion of loyal fans. He has consistently proved himself as one of our generation’s best male singers. When it comes to pop reinvention, Justin Bieber is an undeniable king. His music is religiously followed by teenagers and youngsters all around the world. Be it a slow one, soothing one or a groovy number, it is always an instant hit for the striking music and lyrics.

With the current situation all around the world, music has proved to be a great companion and stress buster. From motivational lyrics to driving beats and tunes that bring back good memories, it’s no secret that Justin Bieber’s music has power in helping you stay on track. The best Justin Bieber songs have made Beliebers of us all and are our go-to songs while doing any activity. The sensational singer has songs that work for every mood, may it be cooking, working out or just some leisure. The songs boast the perfect blend of spacious sounds, slick beats, and sparkling effects and hooks one for life. Check out the 9 best songs that are trending now.



What Do You Mean?


Love Yourself

Let Me Love You

Beauty and a Beat

I’m The One

Cold Water

Let us know which among these are your absolute favourite.

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