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Here are 9 Selena Gomez must-listen songs during the quarantine period…

These 9 Selena Gomez Songs Are Trending During Quarantine!

Selena Gomez has proved herself to be a major player in pop music. She has come a long way in her musical journey. From appearing in the TV show, Barney & Friends to shifting in the music industry, this woman has been a sensation. The award-winning singer has a variety of songs that suit your every mood and keep you going. She has a fan following in millions and they love her work. Some of her song lyrics strike the right cords and work their magic. The singer released 3 songs namely, Boyfriend, Souvenir and She on 10th April and the songs are already trending.

Selena Gomez’s vulnerability, her heart, her ability to connect with fans one-on-one even when millions are listening is what makes her song outstanding. Her songs trending in quarantine have bleeding emotion, passion, and hooks you for life. Selena Gomez’s few songs are perfect to kill the boredom during the quarantine and fill you up with enthusiasm. Also, the lyrics of some songs give you the inspiration to put yourself above everything else. Check them out.


Come and Get It


Lose You To Love Me

Bad Liar


It Ain’t Me

Kill Em With Kindness

Hands to Myself

These Selena Gomez songs will certainly work their magic during the quarantine period to keep you going strong.

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