Listen to these trendy quarantine songs by Selena Gomez!

These 9 Selena Gomez’s Songs Are Trending In Quarantine!

The pandemic has made billions and billions of people stay back at home. No one can get out of their house, or do any outdoor activity. It’s becoming very stressful, and music is the only remedy to cure it. The American pop sensation, Selena Gomez, has got a list of tracks that can help you out.

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Selena has always won our hearts with her songs over the past decade. The singer has dropped one after another super hit albums, from Stars Dance in 2013 to Rare (2020). She just dropped a few series of singles from her brand-new album Rare (2020), before the pandemic breakout. The album has been pretty successful and the songs are trending all over, during this quarantine. You can easily get them on any platform and enjoy it.

But other than that, there are quite a few of her songs that are trending too. People are literally jamming over them. You don’t believe it, right? If you are looking for some trending songs for your playlist, then what are you waiting for? We have got the list for you. Happy listening!

Here are they:

1.   Come & Get It (2013)

2.   The Heart Wants What It Wants (2014)

3.   Kill Em With Kindness (2015)

4.   Same Old Love (2015)

5.   Lose You To Love Me (2019)

6.   Hands To Myself (2015)

7.   Selena Gomez & The Scene (2011)

8.   Boyfriend (2020)

9.   Look At Her Now (2020)


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