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Ariana is popular for her voice all over the world. Let’s find out is she overrated or not.

Is Ariana Grande An Overrated Singer?

Ariana Grande is a singer and songwriter who has won millions of hearts with her voice. Her songs have received love every time. From Best Mistake (2014) to 7 rings (2019), she has made her songs hit.

Ariana has recently released the biggest hits of the year 2019, Thank u, Next (2018), 7 rings (2019), Break up with your girlfriend (2019). She recently won Grammy Awards 2020. Some say she is overrated and some say she is not. Her album Thank u, Next (2019) was all about her recalling her exes and the journey of her moving on. Her style of songs is not unique but still, she has managed to gain all the love from her fans that she deserved.

Ariana’s fanbase is really big. All of her songs get millions of views on YouTube as soon as they are published. She is one of the top music selling artists of Hollywood. She makes sure that every year her songs get hit. No wonder she is talented.

She has always cared for and pampered her fans. She does her job well and thus, she gets a positive response from her fans every time.

What do you think? Is Ariana Grande overrated?

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