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Find out who is the Highest Paid Singer in 2020: Ariana Grande Or Dua Lipa or Jennifer Lopez

Ariana Grande Vs Dua Lipa Vs Jennifer Lopez: Who’s The Highest Paid Singer In 2020?

Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Jennifer Lopez are the top and leading singers of Hollywood Music Industry.

Ariana Grande started her singing career at a very young age. Her pop songs have shown us her versatility and her own charm. Ariana is known for her singing and also her beautiful complexion and signature hairstyle.

Dua Lipa, is an emerging English pop singer. She has now emerged as one of the hottest and best pop sensation in the Hollywood Industry. Dua Lipa’s songs give the ambience of being in a nightclub.

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, model and singer. She is one of the best singers Hollywood ever had. The 51 years old till date won millions of hearts with her songs and fashion influences. Jennifer Lopez is one of the best selling artists, with over a million of copies sold.

As per the reports in, Ariana has made a whopping earning of $70 million in 2020.

As per, Dua Lipa has made around $16 million in 2020.

According to reports in, Jennifer Lopez aka our own JLo. has made an estimated amount of $40 million in 2020.

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