These facts about Justin Bieber are known by very few of his fans. Check them out!

We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Facts Of Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber is one of the most lovable artists of the Hollywood music industry. His fans “Beliebers” love him crazily. He has received a lot of love since the very first day he stepped into the industry. But, do you know these facts about him? We can assure you, that you don’t. Have a look!

1.      His fan following on Twitter is more than the entire Canadian population.
2.      Justin dislikes cats because he was once bitten and eaten by one in his dreams.
3.      Love Yourself (2015), What Do You Mean (2015), Baby (2010), Sorry (2015) are the most-watched music videos on YouTube.
4.      The singer is a great shopaholic and visits a mall from every city that he travels to.
5.      Justin can solve a Rubik Cube within two minutes.
6.      He is one of the youngest artists in Hollywood to his five albums as number one in the US.
7.      He knows to play drums, piano, guitar, and trumpet well.
8.      Justin is claustrophobic.
9.      The singer knows French and the basics of the German language.
10.   His favorite TV shows are Smallville (2001) and Friends (1994), and The Notebook (2004) is his favorite movie.

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