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Who's the hottest rapper from K–Pop girl band? Blackpink’s Lisa or Twice's Dahyun

Blackpink’s Lisa or Twice’s Dahyun: The Hottest Rapper From K–Pop Girl Band

The twenty-first century is a century that focuses more on women rather than males and that’s a wonderful thing because, over the years and centuries back, men were always given higher priorities whereas women were given less importance.

As we all know, K-pop is a girl band which no matter is always dominated by male but still is a genre which focuses on wonder women and inspires women through their band.

Blackpink and Twice are two groups of girls that work in the K-pop industry. Lisa from Blackpink and Dahyun from Twice group are the two most famous rappers from this girl band. On this page, we are going to see who the hottest rapper is, whether it is Blackpink’s Lisa or Twice’s Dahyun.

Lisa is a well-known singer, dancer, and rapper from South Korea who began her career in 2010. She is a unique figure who is most followed on Instagram. Whereas on the other hand, when we look at Dahyun, she is also a wonderful singer and rapper from South Korea. When we look at both of them, we see that both are talented and famous in their own way.
But as said earlier today, we are focusing on who is hotter amongst the two. When we go through their social media accounts, we see that both look amazingly hot and fabulous in their different outfits and styles. Lisa looks amazing in her baby hair look and her marvelous sexy outfits. Some of her oversized tops and dresses also make her look cute and hot simultaneously. Whereas Dahyun also looks amazingly hot in her baby haircut and wonderful outfits.

It’s really difficult to choose who is hotter between these two figures.

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