Check out when BTS leader RM recalls Jimin's adorable moment from Memory Lane.

BTS Leader RM Recalls Jimin’s Adorable Moment From Memory Lane

The members of BTS certainly couldn’t have predicted the group’s fame and success when they made their debut back in 2013. With their music, inspiring words, and endearing personalities, the members have grown their popularity over time.

In a recent video with Spotify, BTS traveled down memory lane in preparation for their eagerly awaited comeback. The group members looked back on their pasts during the little movie and remembered some special times.

BTS members RM and Jimin once went on a walk down memory lane during a live broadcast!

Jimin unexpectedly brought up the phrase “Yellow Card,” which brought back a memory that RM will never forget.

It all began when BTS started sharing their personal stories on Bangtan Kkul FM.

One unidentified individual talked about how J-rough Hope’s play with him was too much to bear, and it was obvious that Jimin would have said that!

“Who is that? Someone who’s 173 cm. There’s a guy in a bright shirt next to me”

— J-Hope

Jimin struck the fabled posture after J-Hope nicknamed him “Yellow Card,” using himself as a warning to J-Hope for his roug housing!

At that time, Jimin’s cuteness won over every ARMY and BTS member!

He had so won RM over that he couldn’t help but laugh and even imitate him. As far as Jimin’s charming moments go, this notorious incident is RM’s favorite!

“So cute! *LOL*”

— RM

But is anybody shocked? Everything this pair does when they’re together is just too adorable!