American singer Jennifer Lopez is grateful for her loved ones…

Check Out: Jennifer Lopez hugging her fiance Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopes is a versatile artist who can do it all. Be it singing, acting, dancing, business, she is up for everything and does it to perfection. The actress is currently self-isolating in her house in Miami with fiance Alex Rodrigues and their respective kids. The actress has been very active on social media during this lockdown phase to keep her fans entertained. The novel coronavirus has hit America really bad and the number of active cases are on a continuous rise as well as the deaths due to the virus.

Singer Jennifer Lopez is trying to stay as positive during these times as possible by remembering all the best things in life. She had shared a post on Instagram in the past about how she is trying to keep herself positive. However, the news of rising cases and deaths does affect us greatly. Well, the singer shared a picture on Instagram where she is seen hugging her fiance Alex Rodriguez from behind while he is busy reading the news headlines. “When the headlines look like this, it’s so important to hug the ones you love a little tighter and tell them how much you love them.🤍📰 #LifeIsPrecious #Grateful #SundayMood”, wrote Jennifer Lopez along with the pictures. Times like these help us realise how much we love our dear ones and how grateful we should be about their presence in our lives. J. Lo never fails to inspire us.

Take a look at the picture she shared.

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