Selena Gomez has been quite active on social media during the quarantine period and has been updating her fans and followers. The quarantine can be quite boring for us as we have got nothing to do but Selena Gomez isn’t sitting idle. The sensational singer has set up a makeshift studio at home and she shared a picture of the same on Instagram. Selena Gomez is in some serious mood to work from home during the lockdown.

The picture she shared shows Gomez sitting by a small space with insulated walls, a mic, and a music stand. Selena Gomez had revealed about setting up a work station at home in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. Selena was seen wearing a grey sweater and black lounging pants, a continuation of the chic sweatsuits that she has been sporting at home. Well, we are sure that Selena Gomez is creating some music at home but we have to wait to see what comes out of her work from home music sessions.

Here is the picture she shared, take a look.

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