Here take a look at Cold Heart singers Dua Lipa and John Elton, who have become The Hitmakers Of The Year 2022

The amazing pair of blooming singer Dua Lipa and veteran musician John Elton became a sensation with their song ‘Cold Heart.’ The song had Dua’s vocals, while John Elton’s iconic music gave it the needed furnishing. The Rocket Man and Dua made another classic song for the audience to be lost in. “Cold Heart” ranked no.1 in the UK’s single chart. Also ranked in no. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. The impact of this song is so huge that it left the audience amazed, even in 2022.

Dua Lipa and John Elton took to their Instagram account, sharing the happiness that Variety honored them with. Both of them shared the same post on Variety’s cover page. In the photo, John Elton is dressed in a blue diamond-embedded suit while Dua Lipa wears a black see-through gown. The duo posed cozy as Dua Lipa hugged Elton looking into the camera. They also shared some fun BTS pictures. Here the duo waved their hands, dancing with happiness. Variety named them “The Hitmaker Of The Year 2022”.

Dua Lipa shared the post with a long caption, “DUA ELTON ~ waking up to this cover after a 13hr slumber had me wondering if I was still dreaming??? thank you @variety, for having us on the Hitmakers 2022 cover – might have to make holiday cards with this on it.”

On the other hand, John Elton wrote in the caption, “I am incredibly lucky to have Dua in my life. Her friendship and talent have brought so much to me and I couldn’t be prouder that, over a year later, Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) is still being enjoyed by so many people. Thank you Variety, for celebrating this moment by making us Hitmakers of the Year.”

Likewise, most of the blue tick accounts congratulated both of them. In comparison, Dua Lipa and John Elton shared fondness for each other.

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