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Darshan Raval has a voice that is made to rule the music industry. He is one of the most amazing singers in the industry

Darshan Raval- The voice of this era

Darshan Raval hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He was a contestant at India’s Raw Star and his first song was Pehli Mohabbat. Later he released a single Tera Zikr that got an amazing response from the masses and was an instant hit.

Darshan is a youngbie in the industry and has a long road to go. But he is already at his very best.

His singing has driven thousands of masses into a frenzy. He has the magic to his voice that gets you drawn towards him. His two blockbusters surely are a must add-on to your dandia night playlist Chogada and Kamariya. They are the best songs that will make you a fan of Darshan.

If you ever see Darshan Raval perform live, you will believe he is a true rockstar. He knows how to drive the audience crazy. This hottie has taken the entire music industry by storm. If you ever happen to catch Darshan Raval perform live don’t miss it. His concerts are to live for. He is truly the next big thing in the music industry.

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