Check out these powerful songs by powerful women Doja Cat, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lopez's badass songs for embracing yourself.

We may all be empowered by art. Particularly music has the power to transform our mood and deeply affect us.

It follows that it is not strange that I use music to help me feel strong.

Here we are sharing our personal playlist of the best songs for female strength, which we turn to anytime we want to connect with our divine feminine and embrace our femininity.

Katy Perry’s Roar.

She’s a legend whether or not she has a Grammy. Katy is one of those musicians who is above accolades. Both listening to all of her songs and seeing her concerts are enjoyable.

My daughter loved the song “Roar” when she was a toddler, and to my surprise, she would sing it nonstop. Why not, too? “Roar” is such a wonderful, uplifting song for both kids and adults.

Jennifer Lopez’s Let’s Get Loud.

Jennifer Lopez is a trailblazer in an industry dominated by white people. Simply seeing her live her life or sing, dance, and act on TV is inspiring—her presence in the profession is empowering.

While I enjoy several of her songs, “Let’s Get Loud” is my go-to when I need a fast boost of energy and inspiration.

This song is a call to tear down all limits and live free. Who better to teach us that than a Latinx role model?

Doja Cat’s Boss Bitch.

I’m a major admirer of Doja Cat for being fantastically odd, clever, and varied, saving the finest tracks for last.

Every song on the album is so different from the others, whether it be the gangster-style “Rules,” the fierce “Boss Bitch,” the funny “Mooo!,” the sensual “Kiss Me More,” the inclusive “Juicy,” the interesting “Streets,” the potent “Ain’t Shit,” or the trance-inducing “Say So.”

You can’t help but admire her artistic abilities and wonder how talented and diverse one individual can be. The song “Boss Bitch” makes you feel like Harley Quinn and instantly puts you in your bossy clothes.

Ladies, Comment on your powerful song and stay strong.

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