Dua Lipa is a popular singer in Hollywood. Check out Dua Lipa's pop music in the below article

Dua Lipa is a star singer in Hollywood. She has carved her niche in the industry with a powerful and melodious voice. Fans are crazy about her songs. Similarly, Dua Lipa’s concerts are filled with a massive population. In her live performances, she elevates the energy through her energetic singing talent. Recently she received the title of Hitmaker of The Year 2022 along with John Elton from Variety. Here check out some of her best pop music lists.

Dua Lipa’s Pop Music List

1)Break My Heart: The iconic hit by Dua Lipa ranked on Billboard’s Hot 100. Not just this, but the song still keeps on the Top 40’s list. This song is an acclaimed album by the singer. The song is about Dua falling head over heels for someone and fearing losing them.

2) Levitating: This song deals with space travel, glitter, excitement, and all. This song is a love song with a captivating beat. The song became a hit as soon as it was released. However, it got major attention after DaBaby assisted in a remix. Also, Dua sang this song at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

3)Don’t Start Now: Start your day with stunning new-era music. Dua Lipa. It is a positive motivation to move on from the needy ex. It is a perfect song relating to your past nostalgia. This song was ranked no.2 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The sad lyrics and amazing voice of Dua Lipa are a treat for all the Dua Lipa fans. You must listen to it.

4) Physical: It is the 2nd single from Future Nostalgia. Physical is a retro song with pop beats. The song will make you hear it on a loop. This single also ranked in Billboard’s Hot 100 at no. 60. It is pure fan service and makes us nostalgic for those jazzercise days.

5)Hallucinate is a trippy dance song with early 2000s disco vibes. The song is all about loving someone so much that you end up losing your mind and also makes you change your perception. Also, Dua Lipa said that Hallucinate is her festival song because of its fun elements.

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