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Selena Gomez has collaborated with numerous artists and these 7 duets are our absolute favourite…

Go Croon: 7 Selena Gomez Duets That You Can’t Do Without!

The pop songstress has a long history of collaborations dating all the way back to her Disney Channel days and spanning to “Taki Taki” link-up with DJ Snake, Cardi B and Ozuna. From the rousing sounds of EDM anthems to the trending rhythm of Latin pop, the entertainer has been able to fill the airwaves with team-ups of all kinds. Selena Gomez’s duets have been a hit and are perfect for a variety of moods. These Selena Gomez duets are a must on your playlist and once you hear them there is literally no turning back.

It Ain’t Me

Good For You


We Don’t Talk Anymore

Taki Taki

Hold On

I Want You To Know

Let us know which of these are your favourites.

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