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The singer admitted having posted at least 100,000 selfies…

Justin Bieber is addicted to selfies: we tell you why?

Justin Bieber has caught our attention for a long time due to his amazing songs. The singer is quite active on social media and treats his fans and followers with numerous pictures and adorable selfies. A few years ago, Justin Bieber was on Alan Carr: Chatty Man show and there they discussed selfies, fans and his new album ‘Purpose’. He was extremely enthusiastic and enjoyed the interview and shed some light on his love for clicking selfies.

In an interview in the past, Justin Bieber was asked by Alan Carr,” You probably post over a million selfies, is that right?” Justin Bieber said, “I could say so, probably a 100,000 at least.” He later teaches Alan Carr how to click a perfect selfie with a perfect angle and click a couple of selfies on Alan’s phone. The interview is quite fun as Alan Carr is known for his funny bone. Justin Bieber also walked the ramp, rather run on the ramp wearing red heels.

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