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Justin Bieber is fulfiling his fans wishes and helping the helpless…

Justin Bieber is up with something exciting: find out what

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, the world has literally come to a standstill. Most of the people are finding it difficult to make their ends meet and thus many souls stay hungry every single day during these trying times. Justin Bieber has thus come with an exciting ide to raise some funds for charity by doing what his fans have asked him to do.

The singer posted a video on Instagram and captioned it saying, “I’ve accepted the #ALLINCHALLENGE. I’m helping raise money for those in need by giving what many of you have asked for. Go to allinchallenge.com/justin-bieber for a chance to have me fly to your town, visit your home, and sing to you “One Less Lonely Girl” and maybe a few others 😁. Help me feed the hungry during this challenging time. Thanks.” This will be a great opportunity to meet Justin Bieber and have him sing for the winner. He also nominated Chris Brown and other singers to take up the challenge to help people in need during these times.

Take a look at the video and stay tuned for more such updates.

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