IWMBuzz brings to you a list of Justin Bieber's famous songs between 2015-2020 that are a rage

Justin Bieber Songs From 2015-2020 That You’ll Never Forget

Justin Bieber, today is one of the biggest names in the global music world. Justin’s entry in the world of music is nothing less than a dramatic tale in itself. A video of Justin singing and performing was first spotted by a talent manager online who believed Justin had immense potential which if nurtured correctly can create sensational ripples in the world of music. And that’s exactly what happened in the years to come as Justin became a musical icon in literally no time.

Ever since his first song ‘Baby’ that made people go absolutely bonkers in awe of his talent to now, it’s been a sensational journey for Justin. The last 5 years, in particular, have proven to be extremely fruitful for someone like Justin as he has registered quite a number of chartbusters to his name in this period. So today, we bring to you some of the names of those songs that are the most googled and heard online. Check out the list below –

1) Sorry (2015)

2) We Are (2015)

3) Cold Water (2016)

4) Deja Vu (2016)

5) Friends (2017)

6) No Brainer (2018)

7) I don’t care (2019)

8) Let Me Love You (2019)

9) Get Me (2020)

10) Yummy (2020)

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