Here are some great acoustic songs by Justin Bieber that you must listen to it!

Justin Bieber’s Greatest Acoustic Songs Ever!

Justin Drew Bieber, is a popular Canadian pop singer, and songwriter. He has released one after another hit singles, from Baby (2009) to Yummy (2020). Justin has got a huge fan base and has impressed all of us with his voice. He has got a lot of love and support from his fans, “Beliebers”. Justin is one of the coolest pop music artists of all time. The singer has inspired and motivated a lot of his fans with his tracks.

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Justin has the ability to lift up your mood with his voice. If you are a person who doesn’t like EDM music or any loud music, and still is a pop music fan, then acoustic songs are perfect for you to play. Justin has recorded a number of acoustic songs of him, playing Spanish guitar or a piano. Acoustic songs are so pleasing to the years. And, when Justin sings it, it becomes more pleasing.

Here are some of his acoustic songs by him that you should listen to. Play and add them to your playlist right now!

1.      What Do You Mean? – Acoustic (2015)

2.      Purpose (2015)

3.      Boyfriend – Acoustic (2015)

4.      I Don’t Care with Ed Shereen (2019)

5.      As Long As You Love (2012)

6.      Stuck With U, with Ariana Grande (2020)

7.      All Around The World – Acoustic (2013)

8.      Intentions -Acoustic (2020)

9.      Habitual (2020)

10.   That’s What Love Is (2020)

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