If you are looking for some great hip-hop songs by Justine Bieber, then you are in the right place. We have got the list set for you. Have a look at them!

Justin Bieber’s Greatest Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time

The Canadian pop singer and songwriter Justin Bieber, is one of the best music artists of the last decade. He has got a number of good songs stored on his list, as per the situation. He has won many hearts ever since he released his first song, Baby (2009). Justin has songs for every situation. He has a variety of songs like pop, acoustic, EDM, rap, and many more. He is one of the coolest pop stars of all time.

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Justin has also a number of hip-hop songs in his bucket list. Well, many of us like hip-hop, and he is the best artist with a number of great hip-hop tracks. The singer can make you sing loud and groove with the beat. Initially he was seen in pop music, then he started collaborating with artists from other genres. Like DJ Snake (EDM) for Let Me Love You (2016), Major Lazor for Cold Water (2016), DJ Khaled (Hip-Hop) for I’m The One (2017), and many more. He has got a bucket of hip-hop songs in his list that you need to listen too. If you want some great hip-hop tracks, listen to them now. The songs are listed down below. Have a look and add them up to your playlist!

1. No Brainer with DJ Khaled (2018)

2. I’m The One with DJ Khaled (2017)

3. Beauty And A Beat (2013)

4. Drummer Boy (2011)

5. Wait for A Minute (2013)

6. What Do You Mean? (2015)

7. Sorry (2015)

8. Boyfriend (2015)

9. As Long As You Love (2012)

10. Confident (2013)

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