Justin Bieber’s summer vacation pictures will make anybody go green with envy…

Justin Bieber’s Throwback Pictures Remind Us Of A Perfect Summer Vacay!

Ever since Justin Bieber made his way into the spotlight over a decade ago, he hasn’t left. He’s been one of the top-selling artists since he emerged on the scene and has amassed a legion of loyal fans. When it comes to pop reinvention, he is an undeniable king. He has always kept his fans and followers close and connected through various posts on social media. With summer’s already here, it was almost time to see our favourite celebrities heading for the much-awaited summer vacation. However, under current circumstances, summer vacations are surely going to be delayed. Well, we have some throwback pictures of our favourite Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber has been into the entertainment industry for quite some time now and has made a fortune for himself. With a net worth of $285 million, it is quite obvious that the singer likes to enjoy a luxurious vacation. With the sort of money flying around him, one can be sure that the Canadian singer has the best of vacations at exotic places. Justin Bieber loves going to places which have some exotic beaches to catch some sun. His vacation with his mother in the Maldives or the Miami trip with Hailey Baldwin was the perfect summer vacation. The blue sea, exotic beach sand and Justin Bieber make a very hot combination.

Here are a few throwback pictures from Justin Bieber’s vacation that scream summer.

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