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Here’s a small comparison between Kishore Kumar and Kumar Sanu on the way they sing

Kishore Kumar Vs Kumar Sanu, Check out the voice comparison

There is a constant comparison made between the two influential singers. And we all know that both the singers are good in their way. But well there’s always a bit of twinge we have to see who could be better than the other. Who sings better? And so we have made one such comparison between two singers of different times, tell us who you prefer more.

Kishore Kumar we all know was a man with numerous talents and has an amazing voice. He is the legendary singer of our industry. On the other hand, we have our singer Kumar Sanu who also holds records and is well-loved by the masses. But when it comes to comparing the two it has to be remembered both singers were from different times and ages and so the cinematic advancement too has to be kept in mind.

When Kishore Kumar sang Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass he had the emotion to it and was very soft with the song. Making the song feel close to our hearts. He could play with emotions while singing without actually messing it up. But when Kumar Sanu resung the same one he did his best to do them justice the way Kishore da had done. But we always preferred the older ones over the remake madness.

There were many other songs that initially Kishore Kumar had sung but they were again later sung by Kumar Sanu. He went from low to high quite well. And gave every song the required details and justice.

But talking about who actually sung it better, who do you think was the best and the one who could have done it better? Kishore Kumar or Kumar Sanu.

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