Who is a better pop singer? Lady Gaga or Jennifer Lopez? Check it out!

Lady Gaga Vs Jennifer Lopez: Who Sings Better Pop Songs?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, popularly known as Lady Gaga is the renowned American singer and songwriter. She has songs from musical genres like country, pop, rock-pop, and many more. The versatile singer is well known for her experiments – both music and fashion. Gaga has never made her fans disappointed with her songs. She has released one after another hit albums and singles, from Poker Face (2008) to Stupid Love (2020). The singer is loved by many, not only for her voice but also for her charitable deeds. She has received a lot of love from her fans, all over the years. The singer is still shining in the industry, even after two decades.

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On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.Lo, is an extremely talented star present in the Hollywood industry. She is not only an excellent music artist but also a skillful actress, dancer, businesswoman, and many more. Lopez has released one after another hit songs from If You Had My Love in 1999, to Ain’t Your Mama in 2016, and got them into her hit list. She has received a lot of love, ever since she released her very first album, On the 6 in 1999 in the market. She is a great pop singer, no doubt. The singer has inspired many with her empowering and energetic songs, for all over these years.

Both the singers are great and have got a number of pop songs hit. It’s really difficult to tell who has got a better collection of pop songs, as they are amazing in their own way.

Who do you think is the better pop singer and has got a great collection of pop songs on their list?

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