The members of BTS RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are among the most well-known musicians in the world right now. The septet began its ascent to stardom in 2013 and has since amassed an army of devoted followers who are committed to supporting both the music of the group and the individual careers of each member.

Although the majority of the audience is familiar with BTS through their upbeat group songs that blend rap with the vocalists’ lovely singing vocals, the group has also released a number of solo songs. It makes sense that some of the members’ solos would be eclipsed by greater hits given BTS’ enormous musical catalog. However, solo songs shouldn’t be disregarded because they’re the ideal vehicle for showcasing each member’s unique talents to come through. Solo performances typically give the audience a view into the performer’s inner feelings and thoughts, allowing them to come to know them better. Here is a list of the top BTS members’ solo songs to help you begin that trip.

Jungkook’s song Euphoria

“Euphoria,” sung by Jungkook, is probably BTS’ most well-known solo single. The song’s title immediately went viral after it was released in 2018, and it debuted at the top of the U.S. World Digital Songs chart on Billboard. There must be more to the song’s success than just its catchy chorus, though. Euphoria is a condition of intense enjoyment or excitement, as we all know, and this song wonderfully captures that feeling. “Euphoria,” which is in a major key, has a really upbeat and vibrant vibe and gives out the kind of joyful optimism that we might all use occasionally. Naturally, Jungkook’s flawless voice more than justifies the song.

Jin’s song Epiphany

One of BTS’s most cherished songs is Jin’s “Epiphany,” which is adored not just for its melodious sound but also for the feelings it evokes in the listener. This ballad, which is in the key of F major, portrays a sense of calm and joy mixed with a hint of regret, which is emphasized by the theme of the song. Jin examines his past behavior in “Epiphany,” adapting to his significant other out of love to the point that he wants to live his life for them. But eventually, one needs to accept the fact that no one can maintain that way of life for very long, at least not without losing themselves. “.

Suga’s song Interlude: Shadow

Suga, a member of BTS, is known for sharing his most private thoughts and feelings through his music, which frequently results in songs that are extremely unpolished. Similar to the Map of the Soul: 7 albums as a whole, “Interlude: Shadow” is inspired by Carl Jung’s psychology notion of the shadow, an unconscious aspect of the self-composed of suppressed urges, emotions, and thoughts that is hidden by the mind in order to fit into the society we live in. Suga reflects on his rise to popularity and the feelings of isolation and fear of failure that come with it as he reveals his objectives and the results they have brought him in this song.

Jimin song Lie

Many viewers were in wonder when Jimin’s “Lie” was released in 2016. Although the song begins with a beautiful string orchestra, it immediately changes to a more ominous tone as the vocalist describes his predicament: being stuck in a cycle of lies that, despite his best attempts, he is unable to escape. The song “Lie” makes the listener feel conflicted since the words and Jimin’s angelic voice express a plea for assistance, while the tune sounds more sinister and may represent the sneakier aspect of the mind, the one that feeds you lies about yourself.

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