Justin Bieber is a master at crafting soaring love songs, as seen by his most recent album, Justice, which Beliebers have known for a long time. This time around, it’s obvious that Justin Bieber drew inspiration from his personal union with Hailey.

He has always been a bit mushy and romantic in his songs, but this time there is something more emotional and sincere that has converted the catchy clichés into something more honest and more real. Justice is consequently jam-packed with fresh Justin Bieber love songs that you can add to your already swoon-worthy Spotify collection.

Justin Bieber definitely knows a thing or two about writing a swoon-worthy love song, from sultry energetic dance songs to sultry romantic ballads. Bieber has a decade of experience. Despite the fact that he has had a ton of hits, “One Less Lonely Girl,” “Love Me,” and “First Dance” were the songs that first made him famous.

Deserve you

First and foremost, you deserve to be loved. Period. Although the song speaks to those transient insecurities, you shouldn’t feel that way since the person you’re falling for is amazing.


This one is for when you’re pining for and daydreaming about a touch of your new love. Although that may sound a little clichéd, we’ve all been there.

2 Much

This song is all about how each time you are apart from your partner during the honeymoon stage, it seems like an eternity.

As long as you love me

Love is a really fantastic place to start in a relationship, even though it may not be everything you need. In addition, it feels like everything when you first start to fall for someone, let’s face it.

All That Matters

It’s very fantastic to find someone who makes you feel like your true another half. The ideal love is one that not only leaves you feeling whole (although you are sufficient on your own) but also leaves you feeling like the best version of yourself.


Being in a new relationship has many wonderful aspects, one of which is waking up next to your partner in the morning and sharing the intimacy and closeness of that moment.